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Name of commodity

Medical Test Tube Foam Rack/custom sponge supplier



Can be customized according to requirements


The material

Polyurethane sponge


Product process

According to customer requirements, a sculpture molding, design, and development of molds, knife die type, glue bonding. Used for packing all kinds of products to prevent the damage caused by vibration and friction during transportation.


Product performance

Feel delicate, with strong resilience, durable use is not easy to deformation, cutting flat. Environmental protection material, insulation, buffer, seal, insulation, shock absorption, dust prevention, fire prevention, anti-static, filling, sound insulation, sound absorption, fixed and beautification functions.


Scope of application

Custom sponge packaging is suitable for all kinds of positioning and packaging of telephone, mobile phone, computer, make-up gift, speaker, toy, TV set, lighting, lithium-ion battery, car cassette recorder, gift box, and other supporting products.


Value-added services

Product size, color, shape, and quality in accordance with customer requirements, warmly welcome to contact us or telex drawings negotiations.



PUSPONGE Ltd. was established in the year 2008. We are a manufacturer, located in China.

We have two lines of products; one is Personal Care products, like Konjac Sponge, Makeup Sponge, Cellulose Sponge. Another line is Filter items, like Filter foam, Activated Carbon Sponge, Life Extender Liner, etc.


We are sincerely looking forward to establishing long-term and good partnerships with you.


The main business of our company:


1. materials: EVA, EPE, polyurethane sponge, PU foam, rubber and plastic sponge boards, pipes and rods.


2. Product and application industry: EVA/EPE/PU sponge lining, filling, toys, special-shaped, etc.PU foam cushion, armrest, backrest, doll, toy, special-shaped filling, shock-absorbing block, etc.NBR handle, sleeve, gasket, etc. Products are mainly used in electronics, environmental protection, electrical appliances, packaging, entertainment, furniture, automotive, medical, industrial, clothing, furniture, and other industries.


3. Processing technology and some features of our factory:

EVA/PU injection molding foam molding: after the allocation of raw materials through the mold into foam molding, can do more complex shape, can also contain metal, plastic parts, and other integrated foam molding.


Extrusion molding: mainly used for foam tube molding, foaming uniform, good stability, can be out of the bar, pipe, shaped bar and so on.


Horizon/Vertical: simple cutting of materials, which can cut different thickness and simple plane shape. 


Compression: Die-cutting can be used to produce complex contour curves with high dimensional accuracy.


Boring: Through-hole and blind hole with high precision can be machined with cutting tools and fixtures.


The cutting: The cutting is used for large arc foam semicircle column, triangle, trapezoid, etc.


Heat press: process simple flat sponge into a complex curve shape with hot press mold, which can produce very good stereo-concave and convex effect.


Adhesives: coated sponge with stickers.


Glue laminate: Apply Glue to the surface of a sponge and stick it to other materials.


Support de mousse EVA pour tube à essai médical

  • Sentez-vous délicat, avec une forte résilience, une utilisation durable n'est pas facile à déformer, à couper à plat. Matériau de protection de l'environnement, isolation, tampon, joint, isolation, absorption des chocs, prévention de la poussière, prévention des incendies, antistatique, remplissage, isolation phonique, absorption acoustique, fonctions fixes et d'embellissement.

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