8 application areas of cellulose sponge

July 29, 2020

Cellulose sponge offers unlimited possibilities and currently stepping up in multiple fields.


Face cleaning pads.

Its delicate capacity makes it more valuable for the creation of new products.


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Medical products


The delicate touch and water absorbency of the cellulose sponge have gained an outstanding reputation in the medical sector.


  1. Adhesive plaster
    The cellulose sponge has a gentle feeling on the skin and its waste thread leaves no residue on a wound. It helps to absorb the moisture of the area affected to stop bleeding for faster recovery which is why it is reputable among specialists.

  2. Disinfection purposes
    The cellulose sponge has an amazing liquid absorption capacity which can retain sufficient disinfectant that can be applied to the affected area at once. This facilitates a smooth application. It is delicate and cleaner on the skin as opposed to the swab since fewer strands are left on the applied area.

  3. Medical treatment pad for low-frequency therapy equipment.
    The cellulose sponge is great as an electric conduction pad after absorbing water even though it is an insulator by itself.

  4. Ophthalmic surgery
    Its excellent suction ability enables it to absorb liquid without delay to promote a smoother surgical procedure.

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Wipers for offset printing plates

Cellulose sponge is made up of high-quality materials that can handle crucial films. It can also adapt to different professional demands.
It is made up of high-quality pulp material (natural fiber).
It is very delicate and offers excellent water absorbency.
It is not overrun by gasoline and oil films.





A helpful and practical item for home maintenance.
It promotes easy and smooth cleaning as dirt is easily absorbed with water.
It works perfectly on plastic or cushion tile floors.
Squeezing out water from the sponge is very easy without leaving your hand wet.




Household products


Cellulose sponge offers amazing functionalities for several dining and kitchen purposes.


  1. Kitchen 
    Cellulose sponge is delicate, flexible with excellent water absorption capacity to instantly eliminate dirt.

  2. Drainer mat                                                                                        It is appropriate for cleaning utensils and draining glasses. It can be easily disinfected using boiling water owing to its excellent water-resistive ability.



Cleaning parts of automobiles


The cellulose sponge is developed from natural pulp which makes it an amazing material for car washing.


  1. Car wash sponge
    Its soft and delicate attribute makes it ideal for your car body. It is also very effective in enhancing your car wash.

  2. Modern cloth
    Its excellent water absorbency makes it appropriate for absorbing moisture after car wash which improves and hastens car wash.



Biological carrier


It has a strong affinity for living organisms and suitable for environmental protection and bio-research.
Due to its strong affinity for living organisms, cellulose sponge is appropriate for cultivating bacteria such as food reactor, treatment of fluid wastes, and cultivation of animal cells. Cellulose sponge is also the ideal carrier for removing nitrogen owing to the recent policies on limiting the phosphorus and nitrogen contents in drainages. It is highly disposable and serves as an excellent carrier.




Other applications.

Cellulose sponge is a new, practical material that is a perfect fit for the latest environmental protection policies.

  1. For Baths
    Cellulose sponge is delicate and safe for a child’s body.



  2. For Barbers
    Owing to its high resistance to heat, cellulose sponge can be used as a hygienic shaving cloth that can be easily sanitized with hot water.

  3. For soldering iron
    You can make the most of its high heat resistivity to clean soldering iron tips. It can also be useful after absorbing water.





  4. A unique painting tool                                                            Cellulose sponge can be used to create a 3D expression on the painted area when drawing water-based ink in a dry pressed layer. This attribute makes the cellulose sponge the perfect tool ideal for innovative and displays purposes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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8 application areas of cellulose sponge

July 29, 2020

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