Activated carbon sponge | Different sizes of pores for air filtration

June 25, 2020

Activated carbon foam, often called activated carbon sponge, is a sort of air filter media. The activated carbon foam is produced from polyurethane sponge and coconut shell or coal activated carbon powder.



High activated carbon adheres to the polyurethane sponge. The minimal carbon material of activated carbon foam is 50%. The lofty carbon material can be certain the lofty filtration and purification efficiency. The activated carbon foam has totally pore sizes, which possess completely air filtering efficiency. the several pore sizes can go well with extra functions and fulfill extra customers.
The activated carbon foam is usually equipped in sheet, the utmost width is 1m and the utmost size is 2m, the particular specs will be customized.
The activated carbon foam is principally used for disposing of unstable biological compounds, dust, fog, scent, and formaldehyde, etc.


 Base material: polyurethane sponge.
 Activated carbon material: coconut shell and coal activated carbon.
 Activated carbon pattern: powder activated carbon.
 Carbon content: minimal 50%.
 Pore size: small, middle, large.
 Foam thickness: 3mm - 25mm.
 Foam width: 1m (customized).
 Foam length: 2m (customized).



Different pore sizes. we will provide activated carbon foam with completely pore sizes to go well with total applications.

High activated carbon material. The coconut or coal activated carbon powder has tall filtering effectivity and it's miles adhered to the sponge firmly.


High carbon content. The elevated carbon material can make certain the lofty filtering efficiency, lofty absorption effectivity, and tall purification efficiency.


Perfect package. The activated carbon foam is often packed in cartons after which picket pallet. it might offer ion to the activated carbon foam from moisture.




The activated carbon foam with elevated carbon material and soaring filtering effectivity are specially used for putting off and getting rid of the atypical odors with air. it may well besides putting off the unstable biological compounds, dust, fog, scent, and formaldehyde, etc.

The activated carbon foam will likely be used as the fabric of pleated carbon filter and activated carbon filter panels for extra applications.

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